A Breadth of Styles

After shooting 1,000+ weddings, I do have my own "style" but use whatever is needed to capture the moment. I also encourage brides to clip any pictures they want recreated. Each image represents a very different combination of people, settings, and ceremonies.   


Many Cultures, All Beautiful

Many years of experience have me intimate and very respectful of other cultures as well as  the unique customs of each. It has been a privilege to be part of all and learn how love is celebrated in so many different ways. 


Coming of Age: Sweet 16

As young women mature, the celebration of their rite of passage should include all the excitement of being a teenager yet capture the essence of the young lady who is emerging.


Making your party YOURS

Theme weddings are a great way to put your personal style stamp on an event and make it truly unique!


Distance is not a factor

This county wedding was held in Lake George, NY. The rustic charm of this old town added to the romantic ambiance. 


Barns and Vineyards

The great outdoors is the perfect setting for a ceremony and pictures. Vines, bare feet, finger food and fresh air suit some couples much better than walls and windows.   



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