The Art, the HEART of Photography

Being a photographer is not just about buying expensive equipment or jumping into a profession because it looks like fun. All the candid images in the world cannot make up for a picture of a special relative that was forgotten or neglected. My paying close attention to details and what truly needs to be captured may not be considered photojournalistic, but it assures you of a selection of flattering photographs that will become priceless memories. 

Experience that Pays Off  

How many years does it take to understand weddings? Decades. Knowing almost every reception venue in New Jersey makes my work easier; being respected by them also adds to my credibility. The staff knows I am a professional and that we all need to work together as a team.
Affordable Excellence: Two Weeks or Less all that you'll have to wait for your images on a USB thumb drive. I edit out the bloopers, white balance the rest and get them to you ASAP to enjoy - usually before you are back from your honeymoon! You are free to reprint the images at will. They are yours.

Please click on my 
pricing sheet. You will see that my rates are less than what the online studios are boasting as "bargains". The image numbers I quote are for solid pictures, not worthless fillers. 

I also officiate. Please visit  for details.

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