Selecting a Photographer

You hand pick every detail about your wedding: the date, the dress, rings, venue, food and music. Choosing whom you trust to capture these important elements should not be based upon a slick website or pie-in-the-sky promises of a stress free day.

The reality is: weddings are hard work. If you want your event to go smoothly, you need an experienced professional who can get you through any rough spots, anticipate problems, work with you in advance to help plan, plus make critical things happen instead of leaving them to chance.  
After 30 years in the wedding industry and 1,200+ weddings, I pride myself on my personal commitment to making sure you are thrilled with the images I deliver. My reputation depends on it. 

When Discount = Disappointing

"Big Box" or online discount photography websites offer seemingly low prices and a gazillion "photojournalistic" images. What they don't tell you is that most of their photographers are inexperienced and that there are umpteen layers of customer service people whom you can never talk to directly. Plus, you won't see your images for several weeks, sometimes months, and the studio controls which pictures you select from if you buy an album.

All those empty promises add up to a total disregard of each couple as real, unique people. I know firsthand how indifferent these organizations are. Quantity is stressed over quality and they fail to deliver images in a timely fashion. There is no excuse for handling brides with such a factory attitude. These satellite organizations simply do not care - about the clients or the photographer. Do some research. Read their reviews.


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